Mission and Values

Aricosa is a consultancy specializing in the right technical solutions. Our goal is to implement systems that people actually want to use and enjoy interacting with. Although the main focus is technology, our commitment to quality starts with customer service.

What we value

• Relationships

• Honesty

• Quality Work

• Sustainability


Originally founded in 1999 by Jason Ayers as Ovum Design & Development, the Phoenix-based company started as a design studio with an emphasis on interactive media and usability. After the first year of business, it was evident there was a demand for more complex programming in web applications. Ayers hired and contracted several programmers to compliment the existing creative services. Since 2003, the primary operation of the business has moved to web development, software architecture and database integration.

Several client engagements required the complete overhaul of their legacy systems, accounting and proprietary software in order to work with the web. This led to us offering technical due diligence services, to help gain peace of mind towards a successful merger or acquisition.


Our team loves all things technology. During the week you’ll find us knee-deep in databases and code. On the weekends we’re building portable solar energy projects, exploring art and photography and figuring out how to replace our cars with bicycles. We’re a smart bunch, but we pride ourselves more on communicating with our customers. It’s the problem we’re solving: technology should not get in the way.

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