Aricosa is a simple business that unravels the complication in software by performing Technical Due Diligence assessments and staffing services.

Our goal is to help people get unstuck from tough situations created by unsupported software, undocumented procedures, and vendor lock out.

What we value:

• Honesty

• Skilled Workmanship

• Continuous Improvement


1999: Originally founded by Jason Ayers as Ovum Design, Aricosa started as a graphic design studio with an emphasis on interactive media and usability-focused web development. The growing demand for complex web programming changed the direction for the next 25 years.

2001: Mr. Ayers worked with several talented programmers to compliment the existing creative services. Innovations included: a dynamic content management system and an extremely fast templating engine. Common today, this was at a time when the majority of internet users were on dial-up and smartphones didn’t exist.

2002: The business changes focus from primarily creative services to web development: software architecture, database management, and systems integration. Love for typography and Pantone colors take second seat to optimizing API’s and obsessing over single-page applications.

2010: After over 10 years of client services, Aricosa managed numerous projects that required an overhaul of legacy systems just in order to work with the web. Clients were usually not aware of how restricted they were by the unsupported “spaghetti-code” software they inherited. This led to what is now our primary consulting service: Technical Due Diligence for web and mobile applications.

2019: Technical Due Diligence is now a common practice and everyone has the internet in their hand, including you who just read this.