Earth 911 Recycles Decade-Old Database

Earth 911, the largest recycling database and search engine in North America, had difficulty letting go of its legacy systems. Aricosa was crucial in planning and implementing the redevelopment of an entirely new system.

In the summer of 2006, the financialy troubled Earth 911 was purchased and placed under new management. The new executive team went straight to work on moving the staff and technical operations to a new office. The 16-year old company had operated initially as a 1-800 hotline for recycling information and didn’t gracefully adapt to the web. Most of the database design was tailored to work with the out-dated phone system and didn’t not scale well.

Aricosa was brought on in late 2006 to stabilize, maintain, review and recommend an overhaul to the dated technology. In addition to planning, Aricosa recruited a development team to perform the upgrades in-house. The new system was brought online a year later and proved to be both scalable and affordable. Within just one month, the cost savings we’re evident on web hosting alone.

Aricosa founder to speak at FastTrac’s GrowthVenture

PHOENX, AZ – Aricosa founder and CEO, Jason Ayers, will be presenting at the FastTrac® GrowthVenture™ this Wednesday, March 11. The presentation will be about managing operations for growth. Jason will share several anecdotes of both success stories and pitfalls common to small business when they expeirence growth.

FastTrac GrowthVenture, sponsored by the Kauffman foundation, is a program targeted specifically to entrepreneurs who have experience running their businesses.  FastTrac GrowthVenture focuses on the issues related to making critical decisions about business vision and strategy, next-stage growth, and more.